Emerald Cut Moissanite

Emerald cut Moissanite a gorgeous stone preferred by many customers.

 Trek Quality #1,Emerald Cut Moissanite D E  colorless, or G H Near Colorless, VVS Clarity, Certificate of authenticity supplied, Lifetime Warranty.

 What makes the Emerald Cut Moissanite  so special is that the square and rectangular cut shapes have well defined corners along with rows of facets which will almost always run parallel to the girdle, producing spectacular colors and radiant shine off any engagement ring. They tend to act like mirrors showing a reflection in the Emerald Cut Moissanite, especially in D-E colorless stones .The pavilion in the cuts give the appearance of stair steps which leads to given name of the emerald cut “step cut”, referring to the emerald cut. Giving the dramatic appearance of flashing lights it may not be as radiant as the more popular brilliant cut but for those looking for a unique cut of Moissanite that is often not seen, the Emerald Cut  Moissanite would be perfect.

Available,custom Emerald Cut Moissanite in sizes  from 1 to 8 carat